Many Companies Inaccurately Estimate the Climate Benefits of Their Products – Greenhouse Gas Protocol

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Here are 5 do’s and don’ts that companies should follow:

1. DON’T compare apples and oranges.

A company should not compare a next generation technology with older outdated technology.

2. DO account for every stage of the product’s life cycle.

This is particularly challenging when inputs can account for a large part of the products footprint, e.g. comparing product life cycle of electric car and petrol car.

3. DO consider changes in consumer behavior.

The claims of CO2 savings with new/enhanced products may be overstated if consumer tastes are also shifting.

4. DON’T confuse market size with impact.

The positive impact of a new technology is not only affected by market size and penetration but also substitution of other less efficient products/technology.

5. DON’T cherry pick.

Give the full picture and don’t use beneficial aggregates or selective datasets to over-emphasise particular areas of business or certain products.

And always be transparent.

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