Not Every Silver Lining has a Cloud – Pollution is plummeting in Italy in the wake of coronavirus, emissions data show

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Emanuele Massetti, an expert on the economics of climate change at Georgia Tech University who has studied Italy’s climate policies, said in an email “I expect pollution to drop even further as the particles in the atmosphere (concentration) get either dispersed or absorbed,” he continued. “In a few days, they will enjoy the cleanest air ever in northern Italy.”  He said this after observing that air pollution, and in particular nitrogen dioxide from diesel cars, had fallen significantly between January and March of this year, due in large part to the self-isolation measures imposed by the Italian government.

Thirty years of scientific evidence could not achieve the level of behavioural change that the Coronavirus has managed to impose on people globally in the last 3-4 months.

We really are living in a period of unprecedented change brought about due to bad decision making, lack of adequate planning and resources and ignorance of scientific warnings. Let’s hope we learn from Coronavirus before the next crisis unfolds.

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