Episode 2: Air Pollution with Pippa Neill (Air Quality News)

In this podcast, we discuss:

  • some of the causes of air pollution and why it is such a problem;
  • how air pollution impacts respiratory diseases including COVID 19;
  • measuring the health impacts of air pollution;
  • rethinking urban mobility, putting the bicycle at the centre of the solution;
  • monitoring air pollution and putting more resources into understanding the problem;
  • consumer-based action to mitigate air pollution;
  • Post-Covid recovery that has improved air quality as a main component.

Pippa Neill

Pippa has been writing for Air Quality News both online and in the magazine for just under a year. She came to AQN with a background in environmental journalism but has quickly realised that air pollution is before anything, a health issue. Air pollution is responsible for 7 million premature deaths worldwide each year and the economic recovery from COVID-19 provides us with a unique opportunity to change the way we travel and to keep pollution down for good. She looks forward to seeing what the future holds for air quality and to continue researching and raising awareness of the biggest environmental health risk facing the world today.

If you found this interesting check out:

http://airqualitynews.com/; https://airqualitynews.com/aqn-mag-subscribe/;

https://aqicn.org/map/unitedkingdom/; https://pippaneill.co.uk;

https://environmentjournal.online and https://waqi.info.

Thanks for listening!

Conor Murphy

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